ØAre you scared of how your separation or divorce will impact the children?

ØAre you frustrated or confused as people around voice their opinions about how you should or shouldn’t handle your divorce?

ØDoes it seem impossible to part ways amicably?

ØAre you worried about how you will manage your

separation or divorce financially?


ü5 Ways to End Your Marriage Without Ending Your Life

is your easy, step by step guide to get you started

üGain peace of mind as you move through the process

üFeel confident and trust in yourself as you make your choices



Tallie Rabin
is a master of evolving relationships during and after divorce and creating family-life that is extraordinary for everyone involved. She has personally dealt with marital struggle that predictably would have ended in costly divorce and broken up relationships. Instead, she was able to establish peaceful and loving parting of ways that many have been inspired by, including herself and her family members.


Tallie has a background in Peace & Conflict Studies, and Master’s Degree in Adult Education focused on “Creating Peaceful Divorce & Family-Forever Lifestyle.” Tallie has supported thousands of people.  She is known for her loving compassion and bold commitment for those she works with.